Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

Look at your website, business card or social media cover photos.

How easy is it to read what you have to say?

Are your font choices and font pairings boring and stagnant or delicate, feminine, creative or strong which represents who you are?  Or are you using the font that so many designers are trying to banish…Comic Sans.

Choosing the right font styles and font pairings for your online or offline typography can either be a piece of cake or get you to the point of screaming from being overwhelmed with all the choices out there.


Successful font pairings can take time and with the internet, there is no shortage of font availability, so what’s a business gal to do?

What are Font Pairings?

Font pairings involves choosing 2 or more fonts that work well together that represents you or your brand.

The more fonts you choose, the harder it will be to find ones that will work in harmony.  Keeping the number of fonts to a minimum will keep things clean and consistent with your brand.

Successful font pairings are harmonious, yet contrast each other, but do not conflict.  Here are some tips, what to do and what not to do when looking at font pairings and font types, groups and styles for you and your brand.

Why It’s Critical to Use the Right Fonts

  • ease of readability
  • online on various devices
  • offline such as print material, size of print
  • no tiny little swirly tails in the characters that totally confuse everything if placed on a patterned background
  • right fonts styles are easy to read whether they are printed large or small
  • using the wrong font pairings for your ideal customer can turn away sales

Use decorative fonts minimally and balance them with something simple for large amounts of text Click To Tweet

Can you image a full page of web text with Mr. Dafoe as the font style used?
Switching the body font to Gidole, a condensed and sans serif font, will make large amounts of text easier to read.

Font pairings for business women

Font pairings for business women


How does your text appear on a patterned background? Sample your font choices first. Click To Tweet

These samples look pretty good, but could you imagine a background that was packed full of swirly lines?

font pairings for business women

font pairings for business women

Picture This…

  • You are in the business of inventing recipes for seniors that are healthy and affordable.
  • Your recipes are available on your website with a print feature to print an individual recipe
  • For a fee, your ideal customer can buy a recipe book containing 365 healthy, easy to make and affordable recipes that have never been published on the website.
  • Here is a sample of the font pairing for your headline and sub-topic.
  • Your ideal customers are seniors.  Which would you pick for your website?
Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs


  • it’s a no-brainer when marketing new products or services when your branding strategy is in place.
  • the font styles are already decided on as part of your branding so font pairing is so much easier and…
    • you look more professional and put together
    • your website and print materials are easier to read and not a mish mash of a whole bunch of different font pairings, styles and colours.
  • this makes your online and offline content scannable and visually appealing
    • choose a font family with various styles
    • one font family can have bold, italic, upper case, which can all be used to enhance headings, sub-headings, keywords of interest all without choosing a completely new font.
  • connect with your ideal customers the right way

Do These Font Styles Match the Brand?

Masculine brands targeting DIY handy-men shouldn’t use soft and delicate font styles.
Either of these fonts can work for a business woman.

Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

Feminine brands targeting Essential Oils for skin care shouldn’t use a crafty or gothic font style.
But this font style would work if she’s a hard core tattoo artist.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

Industrial business targeting steel manufacturers shouldn’t use a script or crafty font styles.
But either of these fonts could work for a gal who’s a mixed media artist.

Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

Typeface Groupings

Here is a summary listing of various groupings with the more popular ones in the graphic below.
Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

  • Serif – has little tails at each end of the character stroke
    Such as:  PT Serif, Time New Roman and Expo Serif Pro.
  • Slab Serif – thick, block like serif characters
    Such as: Museo Slab, Abril Text and Justice Pro.
  • San Serif – does not have any tails at each end of the character stroke.
    Such as: Helveticish, Arial, Verdana and Industry .
  • Decorative – ornamental and artistic.
    Such as:  Outlaw, Cabin Sketch, Discourse and Almaq Rough.
  • Monospaced – fixed width characters, similar to a typewriter.
    Such as: Courier, Source Code Pro and Letter Gothic Std.
  • Script – calligraphy or free flowing.
    Such as:  Brush Script Std, Vatican and Lush Script.
  • Blackletter – Old English or Gothic characters.
    Such as: Givry, Cabazon and Metalista Web
  • Handwritten – as it’s written, it resembles handwritten or handmade type.
    Such as: Classic Comic, Tekton Pro, Felt Tip Roman and Uppercut Angle


Font Pairings


PT Sans and Lato

Although they go well together, they are very similar.  Opt to look for font style that compliment, yet contrasts in a way that connects with your ideal customers.

Droid Serif and Open Sans

Droid Serif is a light straight up serif font.  Open Sans is nice, crisp and clean.  Perfect for body text on a web page.

Montserrat and Sifonn

These two (san serif) combinations show some strength in their statement, but not so overpowering that they couldn’t be used on something more feminine.

Roboto and Roboto Condensed

These two fonts being in the same font family naturally work well together.  Using different variations of that family allows you to enhance your text without adding a whole bunch of fonts to your library.


Lato and Merriweather

Lato is a san serif font and Merriweather is a serif font.  They both work very nicely together.


Berkshire Swash and Raleway

With the right brand and right target, a heavy script styles font such as Berkshire Swash works well as a headline or title and a softer font like Raleway for a sub topics or taglines.

Font pairings for business women

Niconne and Montserrat Light

Niconne, a very feminine font with a touch of elegance. Paired with a simple rounded font Montserrat Light works well for a brand that is professional, yet creative.

Font pairings for business women

Lobster and Roboto

I love the whimsy of Lobster and how Roboto settles it down with it’s easy to read characters.

Font pairings for business women

Oswald and Quicksand

Serious meets easy to go.  These two fonts work well together when Oswald calls for attention to what Quicksand has to say.

Here are some Scenarios

You are in need of a personal injury lawyer, you were handed two business cards and had to call one.
Who would you call?

  Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneures

Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneures

Who would you call if you were looking to purchase skin care products? Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneures Font Pairings for Female Entrepreneurs

With all these examples, it’s clear that the type of font styles a female entrepreneur should and shouldn’t use for her brand, regardless if you are a mortgage broker, a visual artist, jewelry designer, health coach or a private teacher.  The font types and styles you choose should make it easy for people to read what you have to say and represent your brand at the same time.  Your ideal customer shouldn’t have to squint to try and make out the words, so make it easy for them and they’ll be happy.

I’d love to know what your absolutely favourite font is… share in the comments below.

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