Lately, the most popular question I’m being asked is…

“how to get more sales?”

how to get more sales to grow your businessIt’s a fair question.  As entrepreneurs, we all want to now how to get more sales right?

Asking yourself this question shows that you are driven to grow your business and want to learn the “how”.

Maybe you’re…

  • unhappy with the way sales have been going
  • you’re just not feeling the love out there
  • your sales funnel is dry
  • there is something that you really want to invest in for your business
  • your email list isn’t working

Before you even attempt some type of strategy on figuring out how to get more sales, ask yourself why you need more sales.

Just wanting to know how to get more sales can be a waste of time if not done right.

Be specific.

Do you need or want extra money so you can:

  • take a trip
  • buy new tools to be more productive
  • grow your business
  • to hire a VA (virtual assistant to do the stuff you don’t like doing)
  • new website or makeover your existing one
  • to develop a new product or service
  • for advertising or marketing
  • something else?

Figure out what your priorities are… exactly why do you need to get more sales?

When you know the “why”, coming up with a strategy will be a little easier.  Here’s what I mean:

  • ideas to get more salesif you need more money in order to pay for advertising, take a look at the big picture. There are ways to get more traffic that’s organic.  It may take a big longer, but it will be natural traffic that’s free.  This will buy you some time to build up your sales for a larger and more formal advertising campaign.
  • if you want to increase sales so you can take a trip, ask yourself, is that trip critical to the success of your business?  is it critical to the success of your lifestyle? if it’s not critical, similar to the previous point, you can develop a strategy to get more traffic that’s organic.
  • you need to buy tools to help you be more productive, such as that really cool social media planner?  personally, this one would be in the top 3 of my priority list.  Your time is worth something.  Here is an example:
    • you charge $50 per hour
    • the social media planning tool you want is $50 per month
    • it takes you 4 hours per week to find new shareable content and images
    • it takes you an hour per week to figure out what content worked, what didn’t, what had the most reach and shares.  Can you answer within minutes what the most engaging post was?
    • the math speaks for itself.  Never devalue your time.
  • or what about needing some dosh to have a new website built?

    First, congrats on being aware that if you are in business and don’t have website, you are losing out big time!

    how to get more sales to grow your brandToo many creatives think that having a website done for them will cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

    It can, if you don’t have a plan.

    You can save time and money having everything ready ahead of time, such as your logo, your brand colours, a list of websites that you like.  All the things that a web designer needs to create her own plan to start designing your website.

    But let’s say you just don’t have the money right now…

    that’s ok…I’ve been there too.

    There are free website options out there and the most popular “con” to this is the lack of control and flexibility.  If you want certain features, you have to pay for an upgrade.  Usually, free is too good to be true.  There are always hitches somewhere hidden in the fine print.

    So why not just work towards having a single webpage that tells people who you are, what you do, who you service and how they can contact you.  You can have this done for around $100. 

    If you need something more substantial, you’ll never go wrong with WordPress.  There are thousands and thousands of pre-designed themes out there, some free and some cost as little as a few dollars.

    All you really need is to have a plan as to what you want your website to look like… a sketch or doodle usually does the trick.  Then you can find a theme that you like.

    Your website has to sit somewhere and this is called Hosting.  Website hosting is inexpensive these days and with that, you get what you pay for, so do your research.  If you’re wondering what hosting is, this is how I explain it to non-techies:

    • a web server is an apartment building
    • a website is each apartment
    • a domain name (.com or .ca) is the address where to find that apartment
    • goes to the apartment building which then directs the visitor to the apartment.

Here’s a takeaway for you based on a suggestion I made to a client:  I suggested that she omit that $5 coffee each and every day for one month and put it towards her piggy bank for her “need priority”.  It added up very quickly.

how to get more sales to grow your business

Let’s play a gameif you had to get $100 in extra sales within 14 days, what’s the first idea that pops into your mind? What would you do to make that extra $100?  There is no right or wrong answer…just the first idea that pops into your mind.

Post your ideas in the comments below.

Until next time…Stay Inspired.


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