Are you: 

  • struggling with learning how to build your first website? 
  • confused with choosing the technology? 
  • worried that you won’t find a website designer that understands your vision and the costs of hiring a designer that you do find?

You’ve probably watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to build a website, maybe you’ve even researched platforms like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix and with all the confusing information out there, you shut it all down and decided to look at it later, because you don’t have time right now.

Hi, I’m Gisèle Grenier and I help female business owners build, manage and grow their first website fast, so it looks custom and high end all without the tech overwhelm.

Gisele Grenier sitting at her desk
Gisele with her camera

I know how hard it can be building your first website.

I remember finishing school and needed to have a website done for my new business.  After spending $25k for school, I didn’t have another $5,000 to have a website built for me.  At that time, YouTube didn’t exist and website design was all coded from scratch.  The pressure mounted…I needed to get clients fast to build my business and feed my two kids and thought…I just spent 2 years in school, I should be able to learn how to design my own website by reading books or taking a course.  

My first business pivoted after the first 5 years and now I’m the founder and co-owner of a web design business that’s just reached a 20-year anniversary.

As technology is always changing, I still have sprints of tech overwhelm, but it’s manageable when I break it down into what I need to learn to move forward today that gets the job done and not get caught up in the latest trends that are just for aesthetics.

Some fun facts…

When I was a kid, you could find me doing three things:

  • designing and sewing Barbie doll clothes to sell to my friends
  • had science stations set up to do all sorts of experiments
  • teach my city friends how to ride a horse

This went on for years and only stopped because my parents sold the farm.

I Love to Help Entrepreneurs Like You

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