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How to Design a Contact Page that Converts

Is your website contact page bland and boring? Does it give your visitors a good first impression? Or…do you even have a contact page?

Next to the about page and home page, the contact page is one of the most important pages on your website. Think about it, if someone has an interest in your products or services and they’re going to take the time to contact you, they are a warm lead… much easier to convert then a cold lead.

The contact page is where you can provide your visitors with all the information they need to contact you. The thing is, most people aren’t exactly sure what to include on their contact page.

They think their name and a link to their email address is enough for a contact page.

Let’s pretend you spent a few minutes Googling a service you needed. You click on one of the links displayed on the search engine results page. The website seems to have what you need, but it’s a high ticket item and you have some questions such as:

  • How to get access
  • How fast is the setup
  • Can I talk to a human or just a bot or email
  • Where are these people actually located
  • Can I phone someone if I get stuck

If you’re like me, if I’m going to spend $500 on a service, I want to make sure I can connect with a human being at the company, not some robot at a call centre.

Many visitors to your website will contact you directly through your contact form, rather than via email or phone. Because of this, the contact page is one of the most important pages on your website. It doesn’t take a ton of time to design it properly and a quick way to look at other websites for inspiration and create some sketches on paper.

In this blog post and video, I’ve broken down the parts to building an effective Contact page as follows:

  • How I’m doing a review so you’ll know how to apply this to contact pages you come across
  • A personal review of website contact pages – the good and bad – and why
  • Teaching you how to sketch your contact page using a digital tablet or pen and paper
  • Teaching you how to sketch your contact page using whiteboard sheets and dry erase marker
  • Homework should you wish to accept it 🙂

Review of Website Contact Pages

In the video below, we’ll take a very quick look at 17 website contact pages and check out the good and bad.  BTW, I’m looking at small business and local business, not major corporations.  One common thing which annoys me.  Many of these brands made me work to find out how to contact them.  

What to Look for:

Some of the things that a good contact form design has are:

  1. It’s easy to get to from the main menu – not related to the sketch per say, but make it easy for people to contact you.
  2. Have a customer benefit at the top of the page. Why should your website visitor contact you?  Include some intro text.  Think of your ideal customer landing on this page, why would they want to contact you?  Maybe add some FAQ’s.
  3. If you’re a brick and mortar business, have your retail store address and mailing address if they are different.  An integrated Google map helps your visitor find the best path to get to your store.  Otherwise, post your office hours and anything else they need to know such as when you will reply.
  4. If appointments are needed for speciality services (such as a boutique pet store offering grooming services.  In this case, include an online booking calendar such as Book Like a Boss or Calendly
  5. Include your phone number – this is a tricky one because if you work from home and only have one phone, you don’t want your kids answering a business call.  Or if you have a dog that barks at quiet noises – yes I’m talking about my Mia, offer an option for a Zoom call and do it with video.  Adds credibility.
  6. A form where you can pre-qualify people (helps reduce spam).  Drop down lists with pre-populated questions help.
  7. A photo of you as the business owner – humanizes the business so your website visitor is confident that they are reaching out to the human that owns the business.  If you have a team, that’s no problem, a team photo works just as well.  Details of your team should be on your about page.
  8. Be accessibility compliant – good sized fonts, easy to read, good contrast (tech talk – make sure that the forms are labeled when designing in your platform).
  9. Viewable on mobile devices – depending on your audience, if most access your site with mobile device, keep images to small size and elements look right.  A good idea is to create a sketch of your contact page for desktop, tablet and mobile.  It only takes a short amount of time to do this and eliminates any barriers for someone contacting you.
  10. Keep it Simple – no fluff or complicated forms.  Ask only what you actually need to know.

If there’s something specific that you would have liked for me to have covered, let me know in the comments below.

I hope that you enjoyed this very detailed video and until I see you next time, stay inspired.

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How to Design a Contact Page that Converts – Transcripts by Section


Is your website, contact page bland and boring? Do you even have a contact page? In this video you’re going to learn why you need to spend the extra time crafting a well-designed contact page that converts, and while we’re at it, we’re going to take a look at a few websites that have good contact pages, bad contact pages and ones that are right in between.

And for your adult homework, we’re going to work on creating some sketches of the elements in a contact page that you need to have to turn your visitors into engaged ideal customers. So are you ready? Let’s get to it.

So I want to be completely honest with the way that I’m doing these reviews. I’m doing these reviews based on that I’m a website visitor, and I want to contact the company with a question. I’m not going to sugar coat, and I’m going to be brutally honest about how I feel about the contact page. So just by chance, if you happen to know the website owner don’t be offended.

Okay. Because as a website visitor, I’m looking at it from the standpoint of wanting information. And I’m going to address barriers, things that are going to turn me off, things that I like. And then after we do all these reviews, you should be able to get an idea of, you know, as we go through the pages, what you like and what you don’t like.

Take that information and then put it into your own contact page. And maybe your contact page is already optimized for conversions and works beautifully. That’s fine. And high five to you, but if you don’t have a contact page or yours falls into one of the ones that are horribly done, you know what, you can always tweak it and make it better.

All right. So let’s get into the reviews and take a look and see if you can find a pattern of what works and what doesn’t.

All right. So the first website we’re going to review is the middle finger project. And my girl Ash has a beautiful website. She doesn’t sugar coat, anything. So we’ll want to look on how to contact her. Let’s say we have a question about one of her programs. Well, typically you’d find a contact us link in the main menu and we don’t.  The way she words it is say hi.

So if you’re a fan of Ash, this will resonate with you with the language that she’s using. So we’ll scroll down. She says, simple contact. Hi there. I’m contacting you because, and then she’s got a dropdown list with pre-populated topics. You can reply to me at email. What I don’t like about this is all these popups of people that have subscribed or bought something.

And I’m seeing this on a lot of websites. I don’t like  it cause it’s distracting. And when you’re on a contact page, the last thing you want to do is distract your visitors. But you can reply to me at as long as you promise to all see here it is again. So she has all these questions here and then a send.

Now the only thing is for compliance with accessibility,  a screen reader. It may be a little bit confusing as to what this page is trying to say. So that would be something to take a look at is the accessibility compliance of a contact page. So what I like about this is that it’s simple. But I think the wording for

a general visitor really wouldn’t work. And I don’t know if it’s compliant, but if you’re a fan of Ash Ambirge this will resonate with you. So the con to this page, I don’t like all these pop-ups, which are very distracting.

Then the next one we’re  going to review is a contact page for Convert Kit. Now, this is a typical thing that I cannot stand on websites.

There is no contact link in the main menu, and I’m finding this to be pretty common on websites. I don’t know why. I mean, why make it hard for somebody to contact you? So what I do is if I don’t see anything up here, okay, that’s a black strike against them, but I scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and look in the footer for something that says contact us.

And usually it would be under company and it’s not

I’m thinking, okay, maybe let’s try get support. Let me see, take a look quick, quick, quick.

There isn’t a way for anybody to contact them, you have to go through the support process unless it’s a “talk to a product specialist”, but it’s priority support. You have to log into your account. So how does somebody quickly just ask a question? I shouldn’t have to work this hard to contact them with a question.

I don’t see anything here.  I’d have to watch a whole bunch of videos. So I know what they’re doing is that they want people to go to their resources. And what this does is that it basically eliminates having to hire staff, for customer service. For this reason alone, I would not use Convert Kit because they’re making it extremely hard for me to ask a question, let’s say for how flexible are their opt-in forms, how flexible are their landing page blocks or something like that.

Black strike against them. I really don’t like how they’ve done this, but in the same respect, let’s try this. How to design an opt-in form.

So I want to know how their opt-in forms work.

See, this is work. This is a lot. I’m a visitor ready cause I need something and all these barriers. So no, I personally for myself, I would not choose them just for how hard they’re making it for me to get information. A lot of people use Convert Kit and are happy with them, but I’m looking at it from the standpoint of a customer service  perspective.

I’m not, I’m not enjoying it.

So let’s take a look at Mailer Lite. So they’re a competitor to Convert Kit, and this is what I use.   So again, no contact link in the main menu. I don’t like that.  Resources. so they’ve got a lot of help and information here. Let’s go down to the bottom and let’s take a look here.

I’m coming at it from a website visitor. That’s looking to ask them a question. How flexible is your opt-in builder? Support, contact, support, find an expert, contact us.

All right, contact us. Got a question we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible. So they have a dropdown that pre-validates. So this is obviously for the, email’s going to go to a specific department, services, features.   General questions that would work.

You put your name, email address, and a message, click send. And then they have resources that you can look at. First of all, is a very simple form. Gets to the point. What I would like to see here is text. What’s going to happen? How long is it going to take to get a response?

Who am I going to get a response from? Some tech support person overseas? Or am I going to actually hear from a Mailer Lite associate? There’s not a lot of reason for me to be excited about contacting them, you know, maybe a little bit of an expansion on this “contact us” as to why , maybe to get some additional help or, you know, just something a little bit more inviting, but it is a very simple contact form that gets a job done.

But I would like to see here how long it’s gonna take to get a response. So the pro very simple, the con, I want to know what’s going to happen after the fact.

Local business, Crown K9 Services, the website is pretty dated. We’re not here to review the actual website. We’re here to look at a contact page. So I see it right in their top menu. Now they’re a dog training company, so let’s click on contact.

I like this.  Contact your name, your email, your contact number, subject, your message. They’ve got a map, their address or phone number, their office hours when they’re closed and grooming hours. I liked that.

I like this. What I don’t like your, your, your that’s redundant. You don’t need to have it listed three times. So your name, first name or last name, or both? Try to eliminate any barriers, ask for the information that you need. First name, your email address.

Let’s say even the best number we can reach you at. Does this mean I have to put in a contact number? What if I don’t want them to phone me? I only want to get an email, so there may be something there, maybe even ask, do you prefer to be contacted by phone or by email? So if you click phone, then the phone number box would come up.

If you click email, then the email box would come up, and send . For accessibility compliant this year, I would say “send your message” or “send message”.  For the map, I love the idea of the map.  That’s something that if you have a physical storefront, yes, a map is a really, really good idea because then you can get driving directions.

I love that they have posted their physical address. So if you work from home, this will obviously be an issue. I work from home and I do not have my address on the website. I just tell people that I’m from Hamilton. Phone number that’s great cause they have an office, but if you work from home and you only have one phone line, you may not want your child or your mom to answer the phone “HELLO”.

So you may want to use a cell phone if at all possible.   Office hours, great idea.  When the office is closed, great idea. So now I know when I can and cannot contact them and then the grooming hours, another great feature. So with this right here,  let’s pretend you don’t even have office hours, but you do take specialty appointments.

You can embed a booking calendar online. Let’s say “Book like a Boss”, which is what I use. People can actually book an appointment with me.  So all in all. Other than the website being dated. I really like this. I would just change a little bit of information here. Maybe put some introduction, text here, changes to send your message.

And then what will happen after the message is sent, how long it’ll take to get a reply? What I don’t like, and they need to fix this is get the website encrypted, get an SSL certificate on there because Google penalizes websites that don’t have an SSL certificate and they’re free. So there’s no reason why this is not secured.

So all in all good with just a few changes that should be implemented.

 All right. The next one is Media Boom. Now they want to allow notifications. I never do that, notifications off. So now they’re a marketing agency and I’m already looking at this and I like this.   I love the style. This is just a personal opinion. I love the style. I love the colors, but look contact. Yes. I love this.

Now with accessibility, it might want to say contact us, but it does the job. So let’s click on contact, get results, contact us  today. Your brand success matters to us. Contact us to find out how our digital experts can help you take your brand to the next level. So you’ve got an opening message, let’s scroll down, super simple form.

They want your full name, email address, phone and message. Again, I don’t want to be forced to have to put in a phone number, give people a choice. Now, usually when you have stuff that’s required, there’s a little asterix. Let’s see what happens.   So  full name and email address. So that’s the only thing they’re requiring while the message should also be a required field because  you want people just submitting a name and email address,  subscribe to newsletter. I don’t like this. It should be more specific as to what people are subscribing to. GDPR.

You need to be really specific on that so I’m not liking how this is worded. Let’s see general inquiries. They have an email address here with a phone number, the location, like that, get directions, like that and their newsletter. So you’ve got it twice. So with this one here, when you fill out the contact page, you automatically get subscribed to their newsletter.

MailerLite does the same thing. I would just change the wording here.  With an email address on here, you’re going to be careful depending on how you put that in there. There’s little robots on the internet and they’re called bots and they scrape. They just go to all these websites and capture, email addresses for spam.

So I’m not a fan of doing this, but that’s a personal preference. So all in all with this one here, I like how this is done, but I would expand the wording on this and I would expand the wording on how long it’ll take for somebody to get back to me.  I’m not a fan of the email address being here, but let me go down to the bottom.

Sometimes depending on the size of the webpage. A lot of companies I see you actually put an additional contact us in the footer of the website, just so people don’t have to go all the way to the top to click the link. And they also have a little chat icon here for messaging and tells people that they’re online.

So this company knows what they’re doing and they encourage people to contact them. So, good job.

The next one is a local business called Barefoot Babies. Not a fan of the website design. It’s very,  very dated.  It’s very confusing and it’s cluttered, but that’s not the point of the review. It’s just my personal opinion on the website based on if I was looking for something. All right, well, since my grand baby just turned one last month, let’s say I’m looking for something.

And I go here because they got a message here. And I see a contact us link here. Let’s click this and let’s scroll down brick and mortar, retail store and community space. I’m not sure what the purpose of saying that is. I would just maybe say storefront here, address, map, hours for curbside pickup only because we’re in a pandemic.

I like that. You can get more details for curbside pickup, phone number, email. This is a very bland contact page and there’s also no form. What they’ve got is the email here. This is just an invitation for spammers to harvest email addresses. I don’t like this. I highly go against this strategy here, put a form on there, make it easy for people because you know, what’s going to happen.

Watch if I want to contact them, it’s going to open up what I have in the one of the apps for email. I don’t use Outlook 365 for email. I use Google workspace. So now what I have to do is I have to copy this. I have to go to Google Workspace. I have to click compose, and then I have to paste in there and send a message.

It’s too much work. It’s boring. It’s bland. There’s no messaging. It’s just like, do this, this, this, this, this there’s just no engagement. There’s no fun. There’s nothing well-designed about this. But I do like that they have the address, the map, the hours and the phone number on there.

I do like that. So personally, I would make some significant changes on this website, Just in the actual design.

Kushies designed for babies. Another local business. So we’ve got a cookies message here, well, can’t do anything unless I agree. And let’s go down here. So nothing there. I don’t like that. How that scrolls off the page. Let’s go down here. Cause we’re not reviewing their website. We’re reviewing the contact page.

At the bottom. Thanks for choosing Kushies.  Social media get rid of your social media icons, put them at the bottom. You want people to stay on your website, not leave your website. But that’s a personal preference. We want you to be delighted with your purchase? Please contact us with any questions you may have.

We’re always happy to help. So does this mean that if I haven’t made a purchase, I can’t contact them? I don’t know. I know that these asterix mean that the fields are required, but you should always put information in here especially for baby websites. There could be some grandparents, or even in general, older people that may not know what this means. Then when you don’t fill out the information, you do get the message. But why not just put it here? You know, items with the star are required. Okay. And instead of just name, I would put first name or full name.

 But other than that, it’s a very simple form. Submit, change it to send message for compliance. Have further questions. They have a phone number, which is good. They have an email, you know how I feel about posting emails on a website. Their hours.   In the footer, they have their storefront address,  phone, different phone number.

Okay. Different phone number, same email address. So I’m not sure why this is more of a sales thing. I mean, we’re with Vonage. So we do have a one 800 number and a local phone number, but be consistent. It’s not bad. It’s simple. It does the job, design wise. You’ve got all this space.

Why not put some messaging here? You know, to balance everything out. But there’s really nothing on here that encourages me to contact them. If I have a question, cause the way this is worded, the way I understand it is I can contact them if I’ve made a purchase. So needs a little bit of work, personal opinion.

Again, it needs a little bit of work, but it is nice and simple.

So the next one is Modern Rascals. It’s a clothing store for children.  They’ve mentioned that they’re going to be down to a skeleton crew because of COVID, scroll down, where’s their contact page, nothing in the menu, their website is laggy it’s jittery.

 Oh, there it is. Contact us. All right. What have we got here?

Hmm, this is interesting. Okay. Have a question, need some help. Fill out our form to the right and we’ll get back to you. There is no form on the right. It’s on the bottom. I’m on a laptop. So maybe on a big computer monitor it might appear. But how about just fill out the form. Email or the form is the best way to reach us only one email or channel of communication is necessary.

Okay. I’m not quite sure. Like that’s kind of a negative thing. Please know that Instagram, Facebook aren’t fantastic customer service channels. You know what? I’m not liking the attitude here. It’s kind of negative, negative, negative. I can see why. Cause if people are posting questions on Instagram and Facebook, but you know what, then put something on social media to say, contact us.

By going to our website, contact us by phoning us or contacting you. Don’t put this. These are to me are negative barriers. The messaging isn’t positive. We need to get back to you quickly. However, we do, we do have small kids, so it may take us a few hours. Okay. That’s fine.

You don’t need to put this in here.  Because you’re basically saying your kids are interfering with your business. Simply at the bottom, we will reply within one business day. We reply within two business days. Just tell people right down here, how long it’ll take to get a reply. There’s no need for all this extra wording.

I mean, this is especially true during school pickup time and bedtime, this isn’t necessary. We do offer the ability to shop the warehouse by appointment. However, this is the point where, you know what, then put this into a COVID message. There’s no reason for the contact. They have the email again, you know how I feel about having that email or mail us at, okay.

So I’m not sure why anybody would send you a letter or, you know, this is 2021, but that’s your personal preference and the form.  So required, required, required. Put a message on that, you know, especially for older people and you want to put first name, email, or full name. This is redundant. Having both in here, you do not need to do this,  also for compliance, this is not compliant.

This is what the readers look up and change it to send message. Let’s scroll down  a little bit more.   This is weird. Okay. So. They’re located in Toronto, but the map shows up for Nashville, Tennessee.

That I don’t know why that’s showing up like that, but their embed code is probably messed up, but they may want to take a look at that, but you know, going down, tons of empty space here. So all in all, I’m not a fan of this contact page. I don’t like the messaging . I’m looking at it now  cause I’m a grandmother.

Grand baby just turned one last month, I’m not liking, I wouldn’t contact these people just because I don’t like the messaging on here. I may not be their ideal customer. That’s fine. But all in all, if I was a customer, I wouldn’t contact them because I don’t like how their wording is here.

Again, just a personal opinion. All in all my opinion still does matter.

All right. Brand culture marketing. What is it about marketing companies that they design the most beautiful websites? I know, cause they’re in the business. I love this love, this hero thing, but again, we’re not here to review the website. We’re here to review their contact page. All right. So love that.

Contact us. Let’s help get you started.  That’s nice hero image.   Get started with what? I’m not quite sure about with what, but either way, contact us jumps down to the next question.  Next section. I should say questions. Get ready.  Ready to get started. We can help you break through the clutter and stand out in a crowd.

Let’s get to work. They want the full name, email, phone, company. How we can help. So again, asterixis which make everything mandatory. I like how they have the labeling outside the box because for compliance, this is what’s important, not inside the box and this to prevent spam. Doesn’t always work.

And I would change this to send message. Submits kind of boring, it has a bit of a hover. Again, what’s missing here is how long it’ll take for somebody to reply. But one thing that I haven’t checked is once you click on that, the next page that appears the message could be there. I would prefer seeing it here.

Once you click submit, once you send the message, you’ll get a reply within let’s say two business days. I don’t want to have to wonder is somebody going to contact me.  This is a very simple page. That’s interesting so, when I click on this. It jumps to here, but it bypasses this information, which is handy.

Phone number, email, address, map is the map, correct? Where are we?  yeah, it looks like this map is correct and Mississauga. Okay. So that’s correct. So I’m not sure why they, yeah, they do jump down. With the way it’s laid out, it is beautifully laid out and then you’d have to contact us again in the footer.

And I’m thinking, it goes pretty fast. I was thinking maybe if it was going slow, that you would see the map.  So I’m not quite sure why they did it this way. I do love the idea that they do have all this information on here. They’re being transparent. They’re giving people full opportunity to contact them by phone, by email, they have an office or they can fill out.

A form. So I like the way this was designed, other than just putting in here a message on how long it’ll take to get a response and who they’re going to get a response from.

The next one is Curry’s local business and I bought so much stuff from these people. When I was teaching mixed media art many, many, many, many years ago, it’s a dated website. It looks exact same as it did 10 years ago. It’s really dated, but that’s not the point. Contact.

So on their contact page, it’s just the same header

information about curbside pickup. Instructions. Okay. Bit of formatting required here. Period then question mark?   Let’s see contact information. We’d love to hear from you. We have the hours, we have the email, telephone, toll free, mailing address. Okay. Because they have multiple locations.

So you’ve got some information here. This is a really boring contact page. Got some good information here, but the design is very dated and they don’t have a form. And because they’ve got this email right on here, I bet you, they get a lot of spam. So view map requires an extra click to do that.

And then you have to close the tab to get here now. This here opening another tab. It’s not compliant for accessibility because readers, when you have to open up another tab,  there’s a balance there there’s a pro and con. The con is that when you’re the con, when you’re opening up another tab, it’s not compliant, but if you click here and it opens up in this screen, there’s no way to get back to the website.

So, you know, that’s more of a personal preference, but you have to kind of balance it out. But yeah, I don’t know. I’m going to use the word. I hate this contact page is very dated and it’s boring, especially for an art store, which is all based on creativity. And they could do a much better job on this.

Oil me North.  Plant-based super butters for your skin and body. All right. So contact us. Okay. I like that it’s on here. It doesn’t work.  Their Contact link it doesn’t work. Okay. Well, let’s go down to the bottom.

Well, I’m going to let you express an opinion on what is so wrong with this website, click and contact us. And the thing doesn’t even work. 

Again, personal opinion. I am not a fan of Etsy websites because you have to register your email to contact somebody. So if I scroll down here and I want to contact these people. Where in the heck is the email.   Message. Seller usually responds within a few hours.

Click message. So I have to register an email address, sign in or register. No, no, I don’t need to register my email address, within the third-party this is just me personally. If you’ve bought off Etsy, that’s fine. You know, you may like it. That’s fine. Personally, for me, this is just a barrier for me to contact somebody, not a fan.

This and that design. Okay. So they’ve got a chat bot here, so you can click to chat with them. Let’s see contact, All right. So this is a good example. When a contact page is just a little too basic. It does ask for the right information. So here, the email just has a star.

So obviously this is the only thing that’s required. Well, then what’s the point because you’re not making the message mandatory either. It should be name, email, and message. Those should be mandatory fields. Cause all you’re doing is inviting somebody just to spam the page.  So you know, first name or full name, whatever email, and then message..

Those should be the least of three things that are mandatory because you’re getting qualified, not so much qualified, but you’re getting quality leads, not just email because somebody just fills this in and nothing else. What are you going to do? Email them back reply to the email saying, okay, you’ve sent your email through your contact page, but you didn’t put a message that kind of just sounds unprofessional.

Same respect. If it was just email and message that was mandatory. What are you going to say? Say, hi person. Get a name. Hi Mary. Thank you for your message  and then answer the question. Then send message. How long will it take to get a response? They’ve got the email on here.

Stay in touch, subscribes, subscribe to what? What are you asking me to subscribe to? Maybe a local business, GDPR, not compliant, but powered by Shopify. Now I know with Shopify sites, they are really, really good. So this is just the company, not spending the time on designing a proper contact page, but they do have the chat bot that keeps appearing here.

So this is an example of a contact page that was probably more of an afterthought. But these people do have some nice stuff. So it’s a shame that they didn’t spend as much time creating a contact page that wouldn’t make me excited to contact them with questions instead of just, you know, making it really bland.

Love Lashes So this was a random one that I found.

I don’t see anything on the menu. They do have a chat bot here.

Contact us, get connected. Submit a request or a short love letter. Okay. You know what be clear and concise. Don’t be clever. I don’t know what this means. Just be clear and concise name, email. Here’s another one. Okay. Come on. Is this a Shopify website? Yeah, it is. Email only is the only thing that’s required.

 First name, email, message. Make those three mandatory. Now, unless Shopify, you can’t make it mandatory, which I find it hard to believe. Put a little bit of intro text here. You know, if you have a questions regarding our services or whatever, shipping, you know, just that type of stuff. Send message and how long it’ll take to get a response.

Now, when I keep saying that, you know how long it’ll take to get a response that may be on the next page. I want to know ahead of time, because I don’t want to send a message. Then on the next page, a message comes up saying, okay, we’re going to get back to you in about a week. Then I’m going to move on to somebody else, but I’ve just wasted my time and have a bad taste in my mouth that they weren’t upfront and clear with their information.

 I don’t even know if they have a physical map, but anyways, it’s about the contact page, not a fan, and it’s really hard to read. I don’t even know if this would be compliant for accessibility because the color is really, really pale. That’s their branding.

That’s up to them on the compliance issue, but this contact page needs a little bit of help. And because now I’ve seen two Shopify contact pages with the exact same layout I’m having to wonder, is that just a basic template or can you actually customize this template? I would think you can customize it because Shopify is a pretty decent company.

So I’d have to do some checking on that.

We have Art and Fashions. Welcome to my studio. So it’s an artist website. So again, we’re going to be reviewing the contact page. Logo is very hard to read, but let’s just go to the contact page. Art sales and commissions, get in touch. So I’m assuming that I can only contact them if I want to make a sale or commission artwork.

Here we go. Fields marked with a Asterix are required, like that. I liked this. I liked this. I would say first name or full name here like that. Sign up for newsletter. Don’t like that. Be specific as to what people are signing up for. When new artwork is being done, when shows whatever, not compliant with GDPR, but if they are a local business, they are, it may not be an issue.

But does this mean that somebody from Europe can’t buy from them? I don’t know. And I wouldn’t say submit, say send message. Okay. So what do we else we have FAQ? Where can I buy? Yeah, so I like this. This is a really good idea because some questions that they may have could be answered here instead of having to send a message.

So I like this.  It might have been a nice idea to put a map on here because there’s lots of space and these accordions should actually close once you open up another one, not all of them stay open, but. Not bad, not bad. What kind of website? Oh, so it looks like it was designed by a designer,  then all the information under here.

So although she doesn’t have her actual information visible right up front, she does have it down here. So where can I find about art events? Okay. To go to Instagram, to get latest updates. Oh God. I hate this. Put the updates on your website. Use that for your email. You’re sending people away from your website.

You know what happens if Instagram were to disappear tomorrow, what are you going to do? And this is something that’s very common. People, put the information on your website. It’s as simple as that.

Nude by Nature. So this is the makeup line that I use. Nothing in their menu


They may make very good makeup, but this contact page is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty sad. Do you have a question or concern contact our Canadian distributor via email or phone

No, thank you. They made great makeup, but this needs a lot of work.

Alrighty, dog philosopher I like the wording. Okay. So they’re dog trainers. Okay. I know we’re not here to review the website, but don’t put social media as your main menu. That’s just dumb, you know, I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s, that’s dumb. You’ve got your menu, which is hidden right here. All right.

Okay. Well, let’s click contact us

again. Social media menu. I don’t know if something’s supposed to appear here. Point zero three. Contact me. Please check your spam or junk folder for replies, I look forward to hearing from you and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Oh my that’s huge. Okay. I’ve designed websites for dog trainers before, and I know why they’re doing it this way.

I’m going to tell you what’s good and bad. Okay. So the bad. Social media as your main menu, that’s just dumb. You don’t want people to leave your website to go to social, put that social crap way down on the bottom. Like what they did here .

There’s a big, huge hole here. Point zero three. I don’t know what this is supposed to be. Contact me. Okay. That’s self-explanatory so for me, that’s that tells me it’s a personal brand. This should actually not even be there. It should be on the next page after they submit a message to say, you will get a response from me within two business days.

Please check your spam or junk folder. If you don’t hear from me by then, something like that. But I like this. Okay. So I look forward to hearing from you. I provide a range of services to suit the needs of any owner and canine. Your request will be responded to within 24 hours. I like that.  Does that mean that she responds on Saturdays and Sundays?

If not, it should be one business day.  Mandatory client name, email address, phone number, city, dogs name, dog breed, dogs age.  I know why they’re doing this because they’re, pre-qualifying the information. As a general contact form this is not appropriate because when you look down here, yes, I have read and understand the training guidelines.

So from what this means, when I look at this, this was like, I’m applying for her to train my dog. No a contact page is basically for people to contact. This is a very specific thing.  So this may be where you’ll have a contact page and then wait to see what the people say then refer them to this.

But this is very, very specific. If I turn around and I just want to know, let’s say, does she offer discounts? If I bring three dogs at the same time? Oh, that does not allow me to do that here. I can’t ask that question.

Can we bring a dog that doesn’t belong to us for training? Let’s say we’re doing something with the SPCA and we’re funding, a training program for a dog. Can we bring another dog ? Do they offer non-profit discounts? This contact form wouldn’t allow me to ask those types of questions.

So I like how they’ve got this information here. This belongs on a different page, gaping hole. Get rid of that, that get rid of this. Put this as a secondary form, under services or something. But this should be a general enough form that anybody can contact with questions, but you can put, drop down boxes, you know, what are you interested in?

Dog training, discipline, obedience, agility, that type of thing. So you can pre-qualify people, but this on a general contact form, this is a bit too much. And there’s also another big gaping hole here. Submit, submit what should be submit well for this particular thing would be submit application, but it typically should say submit message.

And you know, the, how long it will take for responses. I like this, but this, you probably could even move that right down to here. From a customer service standpoint and a web design standpoint, this page does need some work, but she’s done, well. She or he, I don’t know if it’s a man or woman has done a good job on an opening message on here.

All right. A contact page review wouldn’t be complete unless you got to review mine. So on my website, I’ve got contact me in a top menu and I have it in the bottom menu as well. And I have a picture of myself on the contact page. It assigns humanity to the page. How many of the contact pages did we review that actually had a picture of the website owner?

Think about it. I’ve got my message. Let’s connect. Thanks for reaching out. If you have any questions about learning to build your own website, email marketing, or training, please fill out the form below and I’ll reply within one business day. I’m very specific as to what type of inquiries I’m taking.

I’m, pre-qualifying who I want to contact me, giving people an option, need to chat on zoom book a 15 minute consultation on the calendar below.

Okay. So there’s the form. All the fields are required. Send your message. And because I’m already telling them that I reply within one business day. There’s no need for the message here. My online calendar. So I tell people, I spend a lot of time coaching and training business owners.

So if you need help with your specific project, but aren’t quite sure where to start, please book a zoom consultation on the calendar below. I do not have a phone number on my contact page because I don’t want people phoning at any time of the day. I spend all my time creating training videos. It’s as simple as that, that’s the reason why I don’t have a phone number on my contact page.

Yes, I could bring in another phone line into the house and Joe would have to answer it. It’s Just G it won’t make sense. A man answering my phone. And on top of that, I could put my cell phone on here, but I’ve already had past experience where clients did abuse my cell phone number. They would call me at all hours of the night for stupid stuff.

An emergency doesn’t mean I need to change an image in my website. That’s not an emergency. So I stopped giving clients my cell phone number with the exception of premium customers that fully understand that if they abuse it, then they’re going to be blocked. But to date,

I haven’t had any issues with those premium customers contacting me. Make it intentional as to why you’re not putting your phone number on your contact page or why you’re not putting your mailing address. I work from home. I don’t want to publicize my home address. That’s intentional.

What’s shady is not putting your phone number on your website and not putting your address. And especially we have a retail business because you don’t want people contacting you. You’re avoiding a phone number cause you don’t want people contacting you. Okay. That’s, you know, be transparent about it.

I’m using Book Like a Boss for this integrated calendar. It’s phenomenal.  With the zoom consultation, you pick a date, pick a time, and then you put your name and all that stuff in there. Click a button and it will automatically email the zoom link to you.

I offer online consultations where everything can be paid for here. So people don’t have to phone or email saying, I need to book a consultation then back and forth, back and forth, do it on the website. I need a WordPress install done instead of phoning or sending an email and all that stuff.

Save time, one click, and then the appointment is booked. So be intentional as to the information you’re offering in a website, I have to change a typo. I had to make sure I do that, but be intentional as to what you’re putting on your contact page. Don’t be evasive, but be intentional as to what you’re putting on there.

And if you’re not putting certain information on there, be intentional about it, not to be shady, but to be fully transparent. All right. So this review is done and I know that some of the reviews were pretty harsh and no sugar coating. You know what? It’s free freedom of expression. We live in a democratic world.

So, you know, whether you agree or not, that’s your opinion. But my goal is basically just to get you to sketch out a website contact page, that will be simple, clear, concise, no fluff, no sparkly unicorns. Just get the job done. So that way people won’t be confused when wanting to contact you. So in saying that that, let’s move on to the next section where you’ll actually sketch out your own contact page.

So, what did you think? I told you I was going to be honest, really honest. So some of those has some really good pieces. Some of them were horrible and mine, Oh my God. A typo, but you know what? That’s life. I found it. I’m not going to freak out about it. I’m not going to apologize for it. I made a typo, so I’m going to fix it.

So you’ve taken a look and seen a bunch of pages. You now have an idea of what works, what doesn’t, and it’s going to be, depending on the industry that you’re in, whether you have a storefront, whether you work from home, whether you want to put a phone number on your page. So there’s a whole bunch of things involved as to the type of contact page you want to design.

You may be thinking. Oh, okay. Well, does that mean, I just have to just put it into my website and be done with it? No, we’re going to do it on paper first. Now because you know, I don’t want to put a camera down on my table while I’m drawing. I’m going to do a digital display. Which will be kind of messy because I’m not very good at using a digital tablet, but you know what, that’s life going to show you about how to lay stuff out, to create a contact page that visually you’ll be able to get your thoughts on paper.

And then once that’s done, then you take that design to your web site and put in the pieces, which will save you a whack load of time. Okay. So let’s go and do that.

For this sketch, I’m going to be using Google Jam board. You could just use pen and paper or use a whiteboard. I’m using a digital tablet. I have to get used to it. I’m going to be honest. I suck at it. So I was going to just go to using a whiteboard because it’s easier, but we’ll see what happens.

Now because Google Jam board only works with a landscape style. I can create another screen right up here, just to go to another section. For this example, we’re going to be working strictly with a contact form and some information. And then below that you can put your integrated map if you have a physical location.

So let’s pretend that this is your actual contact page. We’ve got our menu and let’s pretend our menu has our information here. Let’s pretend we have a logo here and let’s pretend that we’re going to create a call to action button.

And we’re going to put that here. So this could be our contact or contact link right here, contact us. It could be a button, it could be texts doesn’t matter. so we have our form. So now what we can put is some type of general message contact me. So we’re just a regular a personal brand and then you can have some text right here and let’s say you’re a chef and you wrote a recipe book.

So you can say here, if you’d like to submit a recipe for me to review, or if you’d like to,  bulk order my recipe book, or, you know, that type of thing.

So you can put down some questions in here,  to pre-qualify people. You don’t want people to contact you for no good reason.  You can put that information in here. And then what you can do is you’ve got all the space here, so you can choose to put your form here, or you can put your form here and other information here.

So for example, you can say please contact me by filling out the form here. This I would not recommend putting an arrow here unless you’re able to, when you in your WordPress website or whatever you’re using to create versions for mobile or tablet, because on a mobile, this won’t make sense.

The arrow will point out to the website because the form will be at the bottom. I’m just doing this for an example. I want first name and then the box. And I want it mandatory. So I’m going to put a star and email don’t you love my writing?

 Then you could have a dropdown box let’s just say we put contact reason, then you can have a dropdown box.  You can put some pre-qualified questions here. Do you have a sales question?

It basically eliminates people contacting you for no reason. And then you can put down here your message. So it will say message. And then.

and I know I kind of ran out of room. Your submit button. And then over on this side, 

You can put a picture here of yourself and then which adds credibility. Then you can put some text right here

and then below here, you can put some other information like here you can put, the time to reply message. Once you click submit, I’ll reply to you within two business days, but you can use this here. You put like even a divider here and you can put other information here. You can put a booking calendar,

you can put a map, you can put your location, address,

phone number. Basically any other information that you need to convey to people.  Don’t be cute. Don’t be clever with language, be clear and concise that way, when they get to the form, they know exactly how to contact you and the form you need to fill out. So put whatever text you have, and that would be this here.

So whatever goes in here is going to be the primary text. We all read left to right. And then this way, so everything that’s in here is going to be the important stuff. So that’s where you’re going to have your message and then you have the form, and then you have your calendar, your map, your location, address, your phone number, whatever, but just get whatever information that people need to know how to contact you.

And that’s really all you need. People want to contact you to ask about a product, a service they want, they want more information. But the other thing that you can do is if you have history, people have been sending you the same messages over and over again. What you can do is, and I think this is really cool is at the bottom.

So we have this here. Then what you can do is at the very bottom. Okay. Right down here, you can put an FAQ section. So you can have question and then, you know, you put your question there. There’s a little plus that can open up then another question then in a form of an accordion. So you click the plus and then it opens up.

So you could do that. Okay. Or just have the top questions in here and then you can put your message right here. If you still have questions, please click here to contact me. Now you already have a contact form here. There’s no reason why you can’t put a, I’m starting to get a hang of this.

There’s no reason why you can’t put a button.

Yeah, my left hand, you can put a contact button here. So you click here and you could have your system automatically bring them up to this form. That’s a little bit more when the actual build part, which I will do a demonstration on in an upcoming video, but you can have an FAQ. Click here. It automatically jumps the person back to here.

So what we’re doing on pen and paper is laying everything out that way. It makes it so much easier when you’re actually implementing it because you’re not having to try to figure out where to put stuff. Get it done on paper, do it on a wall. If you have a whiteboard, do it on that. I just recently landed on, thank you, Joe, for sharing with me is whiteboard sheets.

You pull them off, you stick them onto your wall and you can write right on your wall. Which is a great thing to do. And actually I may actually demonstrate that because that way it, it actually helps with your creativity.

So what I’ve got here is a Quartet Anywhere Dry Erase Sheets. I’m going to put a link in the description below, and it’s a sheet that sticks to the wall, just like this, no big deal. And what I’m going to do is just lay out a contact page here so we can put, so we have our.

Menu. This is so much easier than the tablet. So we have our thing and let’s

go, and we have our logo. This will depend on your website layout. So we have this. What we can do is here. We can put the picture of ourselves here. And we can put our text here. So this is our pre-qualifying text to encourage people to contact us. If they’re looking for X, Y, Z.  We have our form here.

 We have our little boxes.  We have our first name, email. Oh, we’ll just put message.

and then we can have no, I was smart, but I wasn’t holding this. I would just get another color for a marker, but you would have your button here. Send message. And then here you can put the time to reply. So you can put that in there just to kind of balance it all out. So you have that there, then what you can do.

If you had one, you can put a online booking calendar.  So you would have that section in here. So that’s one section and this is really all you need. If you have an online booking calendar, you can put that section. And then if you have a storefront, if you have a map, so you can put your map here and then you can put your address, phone number,

then any other information, you know, if you’re watching this, the middle of the pen dynamic, you can put a pandemic message, you curbside pickup and all that stuff. So you can put that there and the online booking, I’m just gonna write this here, because this is what I’ve used

Book Like a Boss  ( called Blab is good for solopreneurs. So with that there. So even if you didn’t have a map you can put your address here. You can put your phone number here, all that other stuff, but to reduce spam, avoid putting an email address on your contact form. But some something like this, I mean, it’s pretty straightforward, right?

It gives you all the information. It gives your visitor, all the information they need to contact you. No fluff , no sparkly unicorns. Be clear and concise over trying to be cute and clever. Okay, because with this here, people are already interested in wanting to contact you for something. Yes, you’re going to get some spam so you can put, you know, the, the Google Re-Captcha, the recapture, it’s not perfect.

I have clients that have that and they still get spam. I have another way that I’ll be teaching you how to do that later on,  on how to kind of fool the spam robots. But. It gives information. You can also even here add in a little dropdown box to pre-qualify the questions. Are you interested in sales?

Are you interested in, you know, volume discounts and all that other stuff, so you can put whatever you want. All right. So that just gives you an idea how you can lay it out on a whiteboard.

So, did you have fun? I know this was a really long exercise between the review and doing the sketch, but you know what  the contact page is so often just an afterthought. It’s important that it be optimized to encourage people, to contact you because people who are contacting you. They’re not cold leads anymore.

They’re warm leads are already interested in what you have to offer, which is why they’re contacting you. Now, I will be honest that you are going to have some that are just spamming and they want to sell you their services. You know what don’t even include.  There’s things that you could put on the contact page to block out that spam.

But if Mary Smith wants to contact you about this product that you’ve made, and she wants to know if you can do it in another color and she’s willing to pay extra for customization. Wouldn’t you want to hear from her? So make it easy for her to contact you. All right. So what I’d like you to do, first of all, is create your sketch.

And if you have a place that you can post it, whether it’s on Pinterest or Instagram, or even just email it to me, go to my website,  click the contact link and just let me know that you have a page that you want to send. I will reply. So you’ll have my email address and then you can attach it to that.

 I don’t post my email address publicly because of spam. All right. So the other thing I’d like to ask you is if you enjoyed this lesson, Okay, give me a thumbs up, comment below of an aha moment that you had something that you kind of just went, Oh, a light bulb moment. Let me know what you think.

And if there’s something specific that you would have liked for me to have covered, which I didn’t, because I can always do another video to go over that. So I’d love to hear from you. All right. So I hope that you enjoyed it and until I see you next time, stay inspired.

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