How Can I Help You?

Are you looking for unique WordPress templates or modern landing pages that you can customize, fully brand as your own and just add your images and content? Get a custom look without paying the custom price tag.

Building that email list to let your prospects and customers know what’s going on in your world, new products and service announcements and systems that can automate 99% of this process for you. Don’t do more…just do it better.

Maybe you’re looking for help learning how to build your own website, or maybe makeover your current website?

+OnePage Website Packages and Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need anything else?

You will need the following:

  • WordPress installed
  • Divi Builder from Elegant Themes.  You can click here to purchase it directly from Elegant Themes.  Note that this is an affiliate link and I make a small commission from the sale which is put back into training.  This doesn’t affect the price you pay for Divi Builder.
  • If you signup for the Website in a WEEK/END Workshop, the Divi Builder is included.

What if I outgrow my one page website?

This would be a good thing!   You can duplicate the current layout that you have or you can purchase the Silver package and just pay the difference.

Is it hard to install the layouts?

It depends.

If you’ve never done it before, it’s like learning anything new for the first time.  Training videos are provided which are detailed step-by-step.

If you make a mistake, simply delete the layout and start over.  

If you don’t want to DIY the installation of the layouts, save yourself the time and look at the Gold package where I install the theme (multi-page) and layout for you.

What's the difference between a theme and a layout

This is a great question.. the theme is the overall structure of the website.  The header, footer, search page, blog layout etc.

The layout is everything between the header and footer…the main content.

If you have a one page website, the menu and footer are built into the layout.

If you have a multi-page website, the menu and footer are built into the theme so you don’t have to update every page if you make a menu or footer change.

What if it's too hard to get this setup?

The videos are detailed step by step, but there are some circumstances that might prevent you from doing the install, such as not having a laptop or computer for the setup.  Phones are too small to build a website and tablets, might be ok, but it depends on what you’re using.

Not to worry, you can upgrade to the Gold package and just pay the difference.

Do you offer any guarantees

Of course, I don’t want you being stuck with something after the fact.  You have 7 days to request a full refund, no questions asked.  But if you could let me know why, this would help me make the experience better.

Why are your packages called +OnePage

You can have one page or many pages…once you learn the foundations of how the layouts work, you can use the techniques to duplicate pages and customize them.