Website in a WEEK/END Workshop

Website in a Week/End Workshop

How would you like to create your website in as little as a week/end?

Create your website in a virtual workshop with a small group of other business owners over a weekend, then implement everything you’ve learned the following week. At the end of the week*, you’ll have a fully functioning website that’s ready to launch and optimized to capture leads 24/7.

This is a full immersive workshop with live training and recorded training to help you build out your website step by step.

Suitable if you’d like more help with your website and setup so you can launch in a weekend or in a week (Week/End).  You can watch all the lessons live, ask questions, take notes or watch the recorded videos and then build your website after in as little as 2 days.   How fast you build your site is controlled by you.

This program is only open 2 times a year in the spring and fall.