What Does Creating Value Mean For Your Business?

female business owner creating value for her ideal customer by recording a video tutorial

In today’s society, it is more important than ever to create value for your ideal customer. Creating value means providing something that is valuable to your ideal customer and that cannot be found elsewhere. It can also mean providing a better service than what is available elsewhere, and it can even mean creating a product that no one else has.

Note:  for the purpose of this article, the term “ideal customer” is a lead, prospect, client or customer.  

What is Creating Value?

The definition of value can vary depending on the context, but it generally refers to something that is valuable to someone.  It can be anything – from information, resources, advice, blog, podcast, tutorials or a benefit or feature of a product or service.

What Type of Value can you Create in Content Marketing?

Here are 3 specific things you can do to create value for your ideal customer and I’ve included 6 examples for different niches:

1. Provide valuable information

One of the most important ways to create value for your ideal customer is by providing valuable information.

This can include blog posts that provide useful information or advice, videos that provide helpful tips or demonstrations, and reviews of products or services that are relevant to them. 

Example:  You’re a dog trainer and your ideal customer is a first time dog owner.  You could write blog posts with mini 5 minute training videos so the reader can take action immediately.

Example:  You’re a retired home builder and your ideal customer is young people wanting to get into the trades. 

You could write a blog post, create videos or a podcast providing helpful information on the trades, what they need to study and tips on building up their skill sets.

2. Offer valuable resources

Another way to create value for your ideal customer is by offering valuable resources.

This can include guides, ebooks and whitepapers that are relevant to them, as well as videos and tutorials that teach specific skills or help solve specific problems.

You can also provide access to databases of information, tools and resources that are specific to your industry or niche.

Example: You’re a Physio therapist and your ideal customer is a woman who’s recovering from a life changing injury.  Part of your value is helping her reduce stress while going through physical therapy and you do that by providing free guided meditation tracks she can download to her phone that she can listen to just before a therapy session.  

Example:  You specialize in medical aesthetics and your ideal customer is a woman who has scars from surgery or an injury.  You create value for your ideal customer by freely sharing a guide and accompanying video that includes your recommended skin care products. This will help speed up the healing process.

3. Offer helpful advice

One of the best ways to create value for your ideal customer is by offering helpful advice. This can include tips on how to improve marketing campaigns, how to cook healthy means, why working in a decluttered space helps improve productivity.

Example:  You’re a mom that shows how to cook healthy meals in under 15 minutes.  Your ideal customer is a person who is very busy, doesn’t have time to cook elaborate meals or spend hours shopping for ingredients.  This could be a mom with young children who works full time or can even be a college student who has 2 part time jobs.  You provide value to by sharing recipes that can be completed quickly with minimal ingredients and steps to prepare.  You also provide tips on how to take that recipe up a notch for where needed.

Example:  You’re a life coach and your ideal customer is an empty nester mom who’s wondering what’s next in her life.  You provide value by sharing inspiration and motivation through a podcast and include quick actionable tips to get her into the right mindset.


As you can see, the key to creating value for your business is to offer something that is valuable to your ideal customer.   

The most important thing to remember is that value is subjective. What one person finds valuable may not be valuable to another person, so it is important to focus on what makes your ideal customer happy.

If you can provide high-quality information, resources and advice that meet the needs of your ideal customer, then you are more likely to convert them into followers and customers.

Action Step

Create a list of 5-10 things you can share with your ideal customer that would help her right now.  Pick the best one and write a short blog post or create a video around that topic.  

Then send me a link so I can check it out and share it on TikTok and Instagram to support you.

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